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Clinical Pathology Associates in Abilene, TX is in need of a Billing Office Bookkeeper team member.  This position would process charges received from the laboratories.  No previous experience is required.  On the job training can be provided.   This is a data entry job with fast paced office work.  A positive attitude and team player mentality is a must.  The job offers vacation time and insurance benefits.

This would include the following responsibilities and duties:

·         Processes and submits patient charges to insurance companies using the billing software.

·         At times may review charges using the LIS software.

·         Files records relating to medical charges.

·         Notifies the Office Manager of any errors identified during the process.

·         May be involved in manually coding charges or reviewing charges for accuracy.

·         May be involved in answering phone calls from front desk.

·         Performing daily downloads of charges from the LIS interfaces of CPA and Hendrick.

·         Maintains HIPAA compliance and patient privacy throughout the entire process.

·         May be involved in mailing out bills and using the postage machine.

·         Locks the front door and computer room door before leaving the premises.

·         May accept patient payments either on the phone, in person, or via electronic methods.

·         Seeks the proper forms for patient privacy, disclosure, or release needs.

·         Maintains a positive attitude of service towards the patient and co-workers.

·         Any other responsibilities that may be needed.

Fill out our application below, or contact Tommi directly at 325-670-2562 or send your resume to

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