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HPV FDA Approved screening:

women ages 21 years and older  =  Pap, reflex to Aptima HPV if ASC-US 

women ages 30 years and older (ACOG limits age to 65)  =  Pap + Aptima HPV 

Our Recommended FDA HPV testing algorithm:

women ages 21-29 = Pap, reflex to HPV testing if ASC-US

women ages 30-65 = Pap + HPV (co-testing)

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing:

all sexually active women ages 15-25

women at increased risk for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea


We automatically reflex to genotyping for the oncogenic types 16 and 18/45 for HPV positive cases.  These genotypes are responsible for 75% of all squamous cell cervical cancers and 94% of cervical adenocarcinomas.



ASCCP treatment and testing Guidelines:

We recommend the mobile app: 








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