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Clinical Pathology Associates in Abilene has expanded its menu. We are now offering in house FDA approved HPV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Trichomonas testing from a single ThinPrep sample. We consider transcription mediated amplification technology by Hologic to have the most superior specificity, at least equal sensitivity to the most sensitive assay (HC2) and most reproducible currently available test for women’s health screening. Collection for the sample is the same as for ThinPrep sample collection.

The HPV test is for high risk types. In an internal study, we found that HPV testing detected 14.2% more high grade lesions than PAP alone in a one month time period.

Many labs prefer to use their own home brew to increase profits or lower cost, but these are not FDA approved for ACOG guideline age based screening and do not offer the same specificity, sensitivity or reproducibility.

Please be patient as we update our requisitions. For EHR requisition menus, please contact your EHR representative and get them in touch with us.

Please see the test intended uses and limitations on our website.

For questions or for other tests we can offer, please call Jennifer Talley at 325-670-6513.

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