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Bunco for Breast Cancer

Clinical Pathology Associates participated in and sponsored the 2017 Bunco for Breast Cancer Tournament for the first time this year. The tournament was held in the Taylor County Expo Center Coliseum on Tuesday, October 10. This fundraiser supports the Hope Fund which provides services to women to rule out or catch breast cancer early by providing mammograms for women in the community who can't afford them.

Over 1500 women participated in the Disco themed tournament. We enjoyed food, music, crazy costumes, photo opportunities, a raffle, a costume contest, and visiting with each other while playing Bunco. Getting a Bunco, (rolling dice to get three of the correct number) was exciting as we were given a beaded necklace each time. Some had as many as 10 Buncos!! CPA had our own unique pink shirts designed for the tournament We hope to support and play again at next year's Bunco for Breast Cancer Tournament. It was a blast!!

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