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Pathology is often an invisible profession to many, even more so on the laboratory side. It's easy to forget there are lab professionals and pathologists who work meticulously, sometimes early in the morning or late at night, behind the scenes, to give timely and correct information for lab results for patients.

In honor of Lab Week, April 23-29, Clinical Pathology Associates celebrates the important contributions laboratory professionals make to protect public health and wellness.

What exactly is Lab Week? It's the time each year when we recognize and celebrate lab professionals and pathologists as team members who equally give their knowledge and expertise to care for patients.

CPA is celebrating by having a week of food, fun and games, and prizes. We will have a jar guessing contest, baby picture guessing contest, and lab coat decorating contest to help celebrate Lab Week!

So, what can we do as residents? We can get to know our lab professionals personally and thank them for their hard work! We will be posting pictures on our Facebook page all week long.

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