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Transcription In Cytology

The transcription/cytology department at Clinical Pathology Associates has many responsibilities. We pride ourselves in treating each specimen as a patient and not just a number.

First, we work very diligently to make sure the patient’s demographic information is correct. That information includes the patient’s name, address, physician information, and specimen source. We check to make sure that the insurance information is on the paperwork before sending it to our billing department.

Next, we receive 5-10 specimen request slips with a pre-recorded tape that has the gross description of each case. The gross description gives the measurement, color, and texture of the specimen. The gross dictation is printed and attached to the patient history and is then given with the slides from our laboratory to the pathologists.

Our pathologists carefully screen each slide next and compare it to the history of the patient. If a final diagnosis cannot be made, he or she will consult with another pathologist for his or her opinion or send it to a specialty lab to give a final diagnosis. The dictation is then given to the transcriptionist who types the report.

Lastly, the report is sent to the clinician either by EMR (electronic medical record), fax, or hand delivered by the courier. Each clinician has a choice of how he or she receives reports in his or her office.

It is very important to us that we provide all our clients with a quick and accurate turnaround time for each specimen we receive at Clinical Pathology Associates.

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